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2 1/2 blocks South of the Market
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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    Good Bye!

    We are sorry, Casa Ariki has closed its doors since August 2017.

Thank you to all our guests who chose Casa Ariki Guest House as their temporary home in San Juan del Sur.

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Our Family

Baldo, Sarah, Mateo and Lorenzo, together we have taken a new path outside San Juan del Sur and our cozy Casa Ariki had to close its doors for good. Ariki was a great place that brought us closer to our dreams, made us better people and allowed us to grow as a family.

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The Ariki Tribe

Thanks to Casa Ariki we got to meet beautiful people from all over the world. With some of them we developed a great friendship, which, despite distance, borders, and sometimes expensive plane trips, are and will be a part of our lives forever. Thank you for being part of the Ariki Tribe.

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The Ariki Spirit

The experiences lived, the lessons learned, the good and bad moments that we enjoyed / suffered with and during Casa Ariki, prepared us to undertake new projects and establish new goals that will make us grow as professionals and will drive us to be better year by year.

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